Time is Now
by Deuce ECLIPSE

Time is Now speaks on taking advantage of the time we have with our loved ones. Deuce ECLIPSE writes from the heart telling those who have passed and those who are still here that they do not go unnoticed. Produced by AG one of San Francisco’s hottest up and coming Music Producers, the soundtrack to these verses matches perfectly, giving it a Latin vibe with a universal subject and appeal. Released Nov. 2nd for Dia De Los Muertos.
The time is now the time is now
The time is now the time is now

It seems we never got enough time
Take advantage when your here and not the other side
This life is do or die
Cut the flowers and you give em with a lot of pride
Do it now and yes I’m askin for a little time
How’s your life doin
How’s your little kids
Young kings in a world full of funny biz
I wish that I could turn back the clock
Cuz this after shock
Got me shook like The Giants the A’s rocked
I need to know if you could take up some space
Talk to me now and not when I can never see your face
I don’t want no regrets a waste
I just wanna say whats up and give you a warm embrace
You been there for me
Went to war for me
Never needed backup cuz we were our own army
Your mother doin well you got stories to tell
I’m a give you both ears I’m a listen real well

The time is now the time is now
The time is now the time is now

For many of us our time is cut so short
Theres plenty of us who no longer play on the court
I light a little candle when I feel I can’t handle
Life be gettin wild like a horse you can’t wrangle
See me in the street you know my heart holds you dear
Come and talk to a brother it’s the last frontier
The memories can only hold you up for so long
Time is all we got so give it now hold it strong
I find myself askin your advice when I’m alone
They say it gets better now my heart is made of stone
I can’t swim or I’m a sink to the bottom
I check the hands on the clock minutes still got em
So if I got time and you got time
lets build something now that we can take to the divine
If all you need is my time then just let me know
I tell you this cuz I know you’d do the same for sure
released November 2, 2022
Written By Deuce ECLIPSE
Produced By AG