This Life (feat. MC FÜBB)
by Marc Boudrea

This Life was written as a journey inside each of the artists’ own lives. Marc Boudreau having lost his father in June, 2021 has been hanging on to guilt over not being able to see his father before his death during the pandemic as the New Brunswick borders were closed. There is a clear message of longing to move back to his childhood town (Bathurst, NB) as well.

In MC FÜBB’s verses, the emcee takes a retrospective look at the steps and missteps he’s taken in his life, the lessons he’s learned from these experiences, and ultimately focuses on the forward-looking stance he’s committed to taking in his present life.

Together, the two artists come together in “This Life” to create a song that is both poignant and hopeful, mixing a sense of nostalgia and inspiration.
released October 22, 2021
Written & Performed by Marc Boudreau & MC FÜBB
Mixed, and Mastered by Ben Hense (Beat Tank Productions)