They Live We Sleep (​*​Pricks From The Thorn) by FARMA X BAILEYS BROWN

The road we have travelled is a long one…Through the hard times and the good, we have strived to be our best version of ourselves, yet we are met with the continuous incompetance and negligence from those that presume to lead and nurture the nation! The UK is a corrupt and vile pit of depravity that disguises itself with the paper thin mask of equality and self preservation…Rule Brittania and all that stiff upper lip shit that they sell to us everyday. Our biggest challenge is to not become numb to the awful conditions some of us are forced into, wether it be mental health, cost of living, housing etc we must not let it become our ordinary…Its not! These fuckers are taking it all for themselves! Dont be scared to fight back…Take the prick from the thorn and smell the roses!

Peace and Bless

released March 9, 2023


The rain keeps falling on my housing estate
Where the crime rates risen since yesterday, so no wonder them kids can’t go out to play
When there’s two crack addicts in the alleyway, they were sat by the bins smoking pipes full of dreams, coughing out nightmares of life as a fiend…Oblivious to life as it passes them by, in a cloud of smoke…and there Aint no worries when there aint no hope…But how they gonna cope with a twenty pound note, is it food for the belly or another couple hits on the pipe that’s dope, screaming down the phone for a hit yo yo, waiting on the corner of the road…Oh! and it aint no joke when the rope gets used as a noose for the youth and ya can’t get loose so what ya gonna do for the dudes on dope! Hmmm makes ya wonder, when it rains it pours beggar man sitting with a sign outside of the store, He came from a land far away torn apart by the war, he had 3 kids that he left with his wife who had died now the kids are in care and he never gets to see em no more…but we all walk past and stare at the floor…so what’s life for if ya always ignored? know he’s gone and we never really see him sitting down on the floor with his cup and his sign, is he dead or alive and its hard to get him out of my mind for a minute that was all I could think!!! in the blink of an eye!! I was fine!!! he was gone!!! just a guy!!! that had asked for a pound to be fed!!

but its a new day and its a new dawn!!! I know Im gonna weather this storm
Not sure about anyone else but still…You can’t smell the rose without a prick from the thorn.

These man on the telly keep telling me lies, giving me the figures on the war on crime
With clips of the kids in the flats in a line, getting searched by the cops for the drugs and the knives…When we all know these white collar thieves in a suit and a tie with an off shore account and a pay rise…have more money than we seen in our lives…but its these man telling us how to survive. With a trust fund, and a good school, and from a big house, they look down on you! And these MPs, they hate us all, with a tight grip squeezing ya balls…and they use their draconian laws to enslave us, and convince the natives to hate on their neighbours…so we fight for the crumbs as they feast on the fear they create with a pressure that no one can bare, And they want us all to be outraged, at someone exactly the same as you, watch them grab your attention, to hide the lies, and distort the truth. They been doing this for 100s of years their families made all their money from the tears of a child in a mine or a mill or a slave and they still wanna drill little holes in your faith…Like your locked in a cell in your mind nowadays everybody’s gotta strange way of wasting their time on the phone, with a pose and nobody knows who you are or cares. So they won!!! cos you aint living life your just living there’s. And everybody wants the world to care! You got new shoes, you got nice cars but we still lose…