They Cant Sleep Forever by Wisdm Uno

The state of sleep can be a deep dive of complexities, both literal and metaphorical. This solo EP from Wisdm Uno (1773) is five tracks of swimming through the various waters of sleeping. From Dreaming to having a lack of sleep, Uno translates his experiences surrounding this state of being. Production from Joe Tyse, Bombeardo, E Brown, Pacer, and featuring DJ Robert Smith provide a beautiful soundtrack to lyrics from Wisdm Uno.
releases May 19, 2023

All songs written by Wisdm Uno
Insomnia produced by Bombeardo
Narcoleptic produced by Pacer
Woman Of/In My Dreams produced by Joe Tyse with cuts by DJ Robert Smith
Sleepwalking produced by EBrown
Night Terror produced by Joe Tyse
Mixed and mastered by Terse
Artwork by Pacer
Recorded by Mattaudiodope at Classick Studios