The Ultimate Hisidez Sessions by Bsidez x Hiright

“Welcome to The Ultimate Hisidez Sessions brought to you by Bsidez and Hiright from the rap group, Barbaydose. The project’s feel brings me back to the golden era, feeling like an unreleased 5 track Gang Starr album. With Hiright on the production, mixing and cuts, Bsidez brings his best and blesses us with his wordplay wizardry. Bsidez touches on topics of belief, abundance, advice, self progression and evolution of the soul.
The duo set the tone with their title cut, The Ultimate, allowing us just a brief look into the infinite poetry portal. The scratches on the project were requested to fit the feel of the record.
Bsidez and Hiright have created a new artistic lane for seekers and those looking to manifest their dreams. The Ultimate Hisidez Sessions is available on all platforms with visual accompaniments launching soon.