The Time Space Continuum Redux by MindsOne / RizzyBeats

The Time Space Continuum Redux is not only RizzyBeats’s revival of MindsOne’s debut album, but it’s his own personal gift for MindsOne to celebrate the two emcees, KON Sci and Tronic, as they both embark on their fourth decade around the sun and embrace the seventeenth anniversary of their first official release. For the Redux, RizzyBeats used the original vocal tracks from 2006’s The Time Space Continuum and produced an up-to-date version reflective of the Golden Age of Hip-Hop.

MindsOne has been offering their listeners innovative lyrics, heart pounding instrumentals, precise cuts, and intense live shows since 2002. Their music embodies the spirit of independent hip hop culture and pays homage to those boom bap masters and others who came before. MindsOne have consistently delivered powerful and inspirational music over the years, and have continued to perfect their sound with each project.

RizzyBeats is an American hip-hop producer whose style employs sampled-based production, often direct from vinyl, as a means of conveying his sonic messages. He began making beats at the age of seventeen while in high school. RizzyBeats has released many instrumental projects of his own, as well as produced artists such as Coastal Connection, RYAN ELLiS. Louis., and Sheme OG. In addition, RizzyBeats is a member of Beats & Coffee, a Wilmington, North Carolinas-based hip-hop producer collective.

With The Time Space Continuum Redux, MindsOne and RizzyBeats evoke the sound of hip-hop’s golden era, while keeping it fresh for a new generation of fans.