San Diego, CA – Independent artist SCVTTERBRVIN has announced the release of his first single “The Sun” from his upcoming album “Let’s Take A Trip”. Fully produced by the acclaimed Orko Eloheim, the new album is set to take listeners on a journey through SCVTTERBRVIN’s unique blend of underground hip-hop and experimental soundscapes.

“The Sun” is a powerful and poignant track that showcases SCVTTERBRVIN’s spirited symbolism and powerful lyrics. The track’s intense production, courtesy of Orko Eloheim, features a melodic vocal sample, raw soul beats, and soaring synths that will leave listeners both exhilarated and contemplative. SCVTTERBRVIN’s flow is assertive and engaging, drawing listeners into his world and telling his story with passion and mastery.

“Let’s Take A Trip” will be SCVTTERBRVIN’s first project of the year and is set to be released on June19th, 2023. The album promises to be a bold and progressive statement from the rising artist.