THE RESISTANCE – FT Lady Jane – Produced by LG ROC
by Crown Jewelz

United Kingdom

Times we livin in

I aint ever bowin to the beast or the system.

I wont take the mark or be part of there religion..

Im guardin my soul as i stroll on my mission..

So fuck the new world order we are the resistance……x2

Fya Da Flame verse

Im exempt from the muzzle the mask an the jab..

Exempt from policies of the controlling hands..

Born to be free but thats not in the plans..

The beast been patrollin the streets of this coviet land..

Its all..soviet scams.. the commies design..

Infiltrated number 10 behind enemy lines..

If u cant see an hear an split the real from lies..

You’ll never catch the truth dropped in between lines..

If u sick of bein paid as slaves..JOIN THE RESISTANCE..

U rather hit the grave than cave JOIN THE RESISTANCE..

Yo..were the flu at or is that just a figment..

U wanna make a difference then come JOIN THE RESISTANCE..

Stand up rise up make them moves..

Id rather die on my feet than have to take their juice..

Never bow to there power or lace there boots..

So why peeps so disgraced by our faith in truth.
released November 9, 2021
Fya Da Flame – LG Roc – DJ Hook Raida