The Playground [2] : muneshine | innovated by D-Sisive

Ok. Listen…

No words in the english language can express the joy this project brings me.

The Playground series was originally meant to be a simple beat-jacking mixtape – a platform for me to flex how amazing of a rapper I am, in the most humble way [ahaha], and say the word ‘tits’ over my favourite instrumentals.

I wasn’t jacked over the first one. It felt too plain, compared to the first Knoblich Gardens. So Muneshine and I came up with the Saratoga County world, and injected insane excitement into my…well…tits over this project.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get better…I wake up to a message from Muneshine. More than a message…a present! Something I wasn’t expecting AT ALL! The guy went and REMIXED every song with an original beat, making the entire project original content, and…I LOST MY MIND! I felt like I was listening to these songs for the first time again! I couldn’t believe it! And they’re all fu**ing MONSTERS! The guy is a master at what he does!

And now…they’re yours to enjoy! It’s like…you’re getting ANOTHER PROJECT!

I need you all to take this in, and go let Muneshine [IG: @robertnicolaasbakker ] know how beautiful this thing is, because if you’ve listened to it, you know it is! There’s no debate!

I’m sorry for the short break. I had to deal with my brain. But we’re back!
2023 is going to be a wild animal of a year!

I love you all!
released May 1, 2023

All Lyrics Written by Derek Christoff

The Playground Radio Program: All Segments Written & Produced by Derek Christoff & Robert “Muneshine” Bakker

Mixed & Mastered by Robert “Muneshine” Bakker