The Next Step
by Five Steez


Kingston-based indie Hip Hop artist Five Steez links up once more with London & Spain-based producer J Sounds for a new release titled The Next Step. Supported by a jazzy loop provided by J Sounds, Five Steez flexes with ease on this laid back track.
Here we go
Ayo, they say this the jazz rap (This that what?)
I hope it make these girls ass clap (Uh huh)
Like the trap tracks, let me snap back
I’m just a black cat where the hi hats at (Where dem deh?)
Drop a few bars, the crowd go blap blap (Bap bap)
After me, you can’t be the last act (Uh uh)
Watch my stock rise and my cash stack (Yeah)
Pocket full of papers and a fat sack
I can give you 16 like the gat clap
Or 32 like the mag in the Mac pack (Uh)
You never hear me on a wack track (Uh Uh)
I set the record, you can’t past that (Can’t)
Probably get your chick in the hatchback (Yeah)
You got a BM, that’s a bad match
Yourself is the one you should be mad at (Not me)
You don’t want to escalate dis like a Cad’lac (You don’t)
Escalate dis like a Cad’lac

Ayo, they say this the true school
I can never flex like some of these dudes move (I can’t)
They got their screws loose, they don’t know who’s who (Or even themselves)
Or even themselves, they’re really new fools
Talking ’bout their crew tools, just a deuce deuce (A what?)
Only connection is WiFi and Bluetooth
You say you gangsta? Where’s the absolute proof? (Huh?)
I been affiliated since a school youth
Always show my dawgs how to take a smooth route
As I drop gems on the groove loop (Yeah)
Revolutionary, I can move troops
But I’m trying to vacay with a fruit juice
And watch the waves crash on the shoreline
When it come, you know it’s your time (You know)
I can’t wait to get up on the tour grind
Until then, I hafta write more rhymes
More rhymes

They say this that boom bap
You can’t deny it’s the true rap
Some get their feelings hurt because they’re too wack (They garbage)
I won’t give them any shine, don’t ask who dat
I only take pictures with flame spitters
Introduce fake niggaz to their grave diggaz (Uh)
Think that they wave biggest because they made figures
If you run their file, you’ll see their straight bitches (Bitches)
No consistency, no loyalty
They the court jesters, thinking that they royalty
Money and fame but a lame is all you’ll be
Matter of fact, they don’t respect you when you walk the streets
They say every song you have is awfully weak
Crazy payola, yeah, you bought you a streak
Can’t write your own stuff so you call for the heat
But you don’t have nobody that’s raw in your clique
You don’t
released May 6, 2022
Produced by J Sounds
Mixed by Five Steez
Mastered by Makonnen Blake-Hanna