The Makings Of
by Jay Nagoma

After more than a decade since his previous solo venture, Jay Nagoma (of 1773) returns to the scene with a new solo ep entitled “The Makings Of”. After dropping his former stage name “Just Jay”, and reconnecting with longtime friend and hip hop producer extraordinaire, Joe Tyse, Jay Nagoma delivers a sonic glimpse of who he was and who he is now. The 6 track ep is produced entirely by Joe Tyse and each beat feels like that true golden era sound.
releases July 29, 2022

All songs written by Jay Nagoma
All songs produced by Joe Tyse
Recorded by Mattaudiodope at Classick Studios
Mixed and mastered by Keith Kreuser
Artwork by Lexinthecityphotography
Painting by Marco Rios
Photography by Alex Diaz