The Goldilocks Zone by DOAMPEACE x DFACE DXA (2022) U.S.A (New York) Album was created in a special space where only liquid water can exist. credits released November 7, 2022 The Goldilocks Zone All songs conceived, written, and performed by DOAMPEACE Additional vocals by XP The Marxman on “Seen A Lot” Executive producer: DOAMPEACE All instrumentals produced, and mixed by DFACE DXA Vocals recorded, and mixed by William Bostick at The Art Gallery, BK Cuts by William Bostick Mastered by DFACE DXA at Dirty Labs, NJ Album art: Concept and direction by DOAMPEACE Photo by Kwervo Films Edits by DFACE DXA, and Cynthia DXA RECORDS Mijo Music Copyright 2022