The Gallows
by LeeN

The Gallows is a collection of tracks that were never meant for release.
Written and mostly produced by LeeN, with an electric guitar and an MPC 1000 between 2007 – 2019.
Made as demos, intended to remain so for the rest of time until the NLTeam, LeeN’s international squad of MCs, vocalists and producers, requested that he complete and share them so they serve as an example of what can be made with some free time and inspiration.
The project is rough and lo-fi, but reflective and honest.

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#leen_nlt #nlteam
releases March 18, 2022

Title: The Gallows
Project: The Gallows EP
Artists: LeeN & Lara Lee
Produced By: LeeN
Edited and Mixed By: Jesse-Lee “LeeN” Norville for NLT Productions
Label: Worrelle Records
DAW: Studio One Artist