The Exodus by A-F-R-O

Prod. by SuperBrownBum
Mixed/mastered by: Toriono “RPGeez” Gandy @ Dig Dug Studios
Praise the Most High, ravel through a calm state
Good and evil coincide, travel through a long maze
My people immobilized, handle what my heart can take
Fight the evil that multiply, mantle what I sought for change
Often to come off the paint, the artist that do conquer hate
To walk with me, drift apart of me, far into the calmest waves
Nice try, so close, but no lit cigar
Side-swipe, throw full blows when FRO lift the bar
The dude it made it through his hateful phase or fuse
And who debating, who the rules I’m making
With the tools I’m using, I’m mutating into
An amazing Grace dude, over these dark days of doom
Roam home to the sharp razor truth
Lone soul, but my heart break deduce that the planet in panic mode
Can it be that the cost may recoup
All humans to embalming fluid, ghouls and skeletons
Often I’m lucid in my dreams, peace rules the Exodus
My exit is to go bless ‘em with a lesson that folk benefit
For no detriment, I advise you to follow intelligence
Hollow be thy name. haunt ’em with a migraine, no company
Caught in my mind frame, look at me sideways, turn ugly