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The Doppelgangaz – “Fact and E” Lyrics:


You know he’s rolling with (Fact)
Yeah, you know he’s rolling with (E)
Yo set it off Matter (Fact)
Yeah, he do it for the homie (E)

[Matter ov Fact]

Yo Cousin E, his brother from another par
Knew the man so long they could finish each other’s bars
Borrowing each other’s cars
And know the maiden names of what each other’s grand mothers are
Telling shorties that they’re a package deal
A groggy package deal
She agreed and said “we have a deal”
Appetites for the black and white
Who known to have ‘em sober as a judge acting like
Like she off the kush and Molly
A Ganga, the reason why your wife’s pushing poly
Met him at the world of Wally
Not a fellow patron, he’s in the parking lot pushing trolleys
But they’re some full time burglars
Fence hurdlers, who climbing down your pergola
He’s urging you avoid the pack who be totally void of tact
It’s a Matter ov


Yeah, you know he’s rolling with (E)
He’s going in that’s a (Fact)
Yeah, yo talk to ‘em young (E)


Ayo Factoid, Belushi to his Aykroyd
Lifestyle of the cloak dark as a black void
Arachnoids get split when we spit
Chicks begging for galactoid drip from the prick
The alliances of the Archdiocese
Got ‘em dizzy, Skyrizi for the Psoriasis
Iron first, whether Church of Christ Scientist
Zionist, we can all coincide with this
Spread the gospel like viruses
Cloaked microchip slipped in your Irises
Doppel Osirises, rap lords of the dead
Tread a very thin line of sublime and pure dread
Secure bread, cloak aristocratic, instant classic
She’s cornfed, sophistiratchet
Thought he had a villa in the woods
From the post on Triller, sold her a bill of goods


Yeah, you know he’s rolling with (E)
Nobody’s fucking with (Fact)
Nah, yo they don’t want it with (E)
You know he’s rolling with (Fact)
You know the shorties love (Fact)
Yeah, and she ain’t even on (E)

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Lyric video by The Doppelgangaz performing Fact and E
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