The Dillon Cooper – Word (Official Music Video)

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Word by Dillon Cooper – @TheDillonCooper
Shot+Edited by Brady Perron – @BradyPerron
Mixed+Engineered by Kelvin “Kap Palace” Palacios- @Kappalace

Will this take a turn for the better, i ask myself

Will my baby boy gotta wear a mask for health?

Every step i take yo i gotta question

Are we truly moving in the right direction?

Recollecting memories of when I was a child

I wondered ‘ bout what god was thinking
when the world was designed

I wonder ’bout how things happen in the way they do?

How do Michael Jackson’s voice come out my radio?

It was all a bit simpler back in the days

A bit more sunshine

A little less of the gray

I’m tryna manifest the best of me

With lightning striking melody

Slow down with talking testily, cause

If we speak into existence it could be your destiny

Could shoot the sheriff

Promise i ain’t shoot the deputy

27 years of age
22 years gone by since i first stepped on the stage
Chosen by the
With finesse
Camo shorts and shell toes
Feeling funky fresh impressed
Cause i got the flow that you feel up in your chest
D i Double Hockey Sticks
The Kid is the best in this
Best in This
Tell them bustas boom bye bye
See ya later
It’s time for me to come collect my paper
Know my worth so you better come correct
If you’re trying to get a 16 you better cut the check

And that’s word to ya mother yo

Aye yo, you best believe
Dillon Cooper got the recipe
They get a taste
Feeling good, Feeling great
Love the sound of the Underground
Dilly IBI unique
Always talk my spit but keep it debonaire discreet
My G,
I’ll speak my piece
Police programmed and coded With supremacist beliefs
That’s why they’re angry in the streets
When they see someone like me
Brown skin melanin same as the Refugees
Move with Love and Inity
I walk with a bop cause the rhythm lives in me
Always keep it G-G-G-Going
Flowing unstoppable
Prove impossible’s possible
doesn’t matter what’s stopping you
Free your mind cause bad thoughts blocking you
Usually improbable
Get philosophical i promise you you’ll elevate
Roll through the ups and downs so swift i’ll just be on them blades
Skating amazing
Mr. State of Elevation
I been had em levitating

BIggidy Blazing the buddha ya know?
And that’s Word to ya Motha Bro.

Written by Dillon Cooper