The Bonnie And Clyde Syndrome by Bruises N Cuts Danger, heartbreak, love & lust, over leads, lush pads & rhymes. This is how BNC (Bruises N Cuts) unfolds the soundtrack hiding behind the perilous yet thrilling experience known as The Bonnie And Clyde Syndrome. Named after the infamous duo, the condition of attraction to criminal minds is reflected in a ten track LP featuring some of Athens finest female acts paring alongside BNC to deliver a musical rollercoaster ride wrapped in a story of bright lights and equal dark corners. Honing the skills from the likes of the soulful Sugahspank, IRENE and Ksenia Dania, not to mention the witty Idra Kayne & Greek indie sensation Nalyssa Green, the LP delivers a Hip-Hop electronica infused sonic meal better served warm & loud. The Bonnie And Clyde Syndrome is available on vinyl by Mind The Wax as of December 16th. The album was released digitally by Sky Vector on November 14th 2022 and includes 10 tracks. credits released November 14, 2022