T’challa & Shuri [prod. by C​-​Rxch]
by Kwaj

Foreknowledge 4 Life. Ask about us.
I’m looking for Aaliyah hold me down like she T’challa
Her chi align with mine I spill the tea while tryna holla
A devil dressed in Prada need a Angel rockin’ Fila
Fashion with some function we can pull up at Ikea like

Let’s play house, here’s kids in liquid form
You texted to request delete photos on my phone, but that Polaroid fresh got the picture worn
Her girlfriend shoot my video she feeling scorned

She so jealous she fuckin’ one of my fellas
Want me hurt inside I’m outside sipping modela
Fuck I look like shook bout a x chromosome
Born and die alone thats on my cornerstone

Ma want grandkids
I want bands and fans to move to Japan like check where yo mans live
A home is still a home home without a woman’s touch
It’s mo commas, no drama

Acting like they Mydis more Medusa how they freezing my cash flow
Want in my bag to put two c’s on hers
A small perk like some champagne and free hors d’oeuvres
I change a bitch life in three more words

I love you
I hate you
I want you
I need you

That’s all lies they feed you
I live my truth like the club ghost managing
Star power and I’m bout get my channel in (channeling)
released December 25, 2021
Prod. by C-Rxch
Mixed & Mastered by Kaz Drumatik