by Brotha Pollock & Ben Hilly

“Tail In The Mouth”

– is the music
of the spheres .the free
wheel .The borrowed clocks .The coined dreams .
Fresh baked donuts .is the ring .Again.
The unending road .
The yellow turns of our chaotic Lagos .
The thing around our necks .
The rebirth .This revolving universe
And its mad orange moon .
The ending of one .The beginning of many .
Is the The Loop ,unending for 24/7
365 days
All seasons
Its all a Cycle .

Get in the Loop yo .
released October 14, 2022

All songs produced by Ben Hilly
Rap vocals/lyrics by Brotha Pollock
Additional vocals/lyrics by Ben Hilly , Ire Belles ,IFE and Tafa Truth .
Mixed and Mastered by Ben Hilly
Art work painted by Brotha Pollock / Designed by Ben Hilly
Executive produced by Brotha ” Awoyemi Ayowole” Pollock

Lagos, Nigeria