STILL HUMAN [OFFICIAL VIDEO] HipHop Lyric Video by Rel McCoy Toronto Canada.

STILL HUMAN [OFFICIAL VIDEO] by Rel McCoy HipHop from Toronto Canada Lyric Video. Chill vibes and some thoughtful bars over a smoothed out beat produced by Rick Notes. Pandemic mode got me figuring out ways to pull together some creative visuals, and shoot / edit these vids on my own. Just having fun with it. Enjoy.

Hear the album version of Still Human here :…

Still Human from the album Gas Money – beat provided by Rick Notes, written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Rel McCoy for Gamma Delta Productions. Video shot and edited by Rel McCoy in Segovia Spain.

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Still Human

The easy come the easy go, you sucked in by the ebb and the flow
there’s no time to put it elegant, or dress it in code
we getting back to what we give as far as measurement goes
modern parents don’t know they watching Oedipus grow
It’s a complex, kid they should be getting to know
tuning in late to see- B.S. like the letterman show
I was told we should only ever set it on foes
one day, I saw the light like Thomas Edison though
seeking better self control.. there’s a tentative goal
it’s like a war of attrition between, flesh and the soul
I guess we’ll never hear unless we lend an ear,
but maybe thats just my impressionist… Vangoh over here
whoever said I imposed now see me reppin
making bredgins outta legends and pros
stepped thru the door that can’t close
still following the plan of the one with the hand holes and
ancient sandles my example

We’re lost without no meaning
Whatever you believe in
With your angels and your demons
We’re all just human beings
We live and dying here together
We do alright but let’s do better
Follow you heart find your treasure
Now are you ready for forever?

Before my hunger and my thirst
I’m Still Human
Wether I’m a blessing or a curse
I’m Still Human
Before these close encounters
With the Heavens and Earth
I’m Still Human First

For the record I’m just reflecting what the pressure creates
relating better to vinyl acetate and seventy eights in my crates than
the way heads behave nowadays.. fake friend charades
congratulations and hand shakes
lose em when I need ’em get a few back on release dates
you’re still welcome at the table of Rel, I set a plate
for those tryna eat my food and skate,
I subtract the negative,.. at least try and give back a little take away
there’s no excuse to look away and call it saving face
like unfolded hands i know I’ve fallen from a state of grace
it’s commonplace to say that I should lower expectations
but, I gave birth to these hopes so Ima raise ’em
not afraid of the time that it takes
i spent the summer buried in these pages on a paper chase
all white lies that they can say, couldn’t wear me out, after labour day
staying the course I know the colour of sweat, gatorade
home wreckers on some calgon rel take me away..
gold digging seeing 50 shades of grey
eyes full of green like the saint patties parade
basket cases take these 3 points before i fade away, MJ
care less about how, than than what I’m saying cousin
there’s 2 days on my mind, this one and the day of judgement
either learn to love or stay cold and polluted like the Hudson
I ain’t budging, and Im open to discussion what’s up?