Stallone & Weathers – Gloves In The Summer

“Gloves In The Summer” staring Jerylmane White is a hard-hitting, visually stunning music video that showcases Stallone & Weathers’ unique blend of hip hop and storytelling.

“Gloves In The Summer,” follows the storyline of a hitman hired to intimidate a lawyer from going through with a case. He sets off on his mission, stalking the lawyer through the city as the beat of the song pulses in the background.

As the hitman follows the lawyer, he dons a pair of black leather gloves – a symbol of his deadly intent. The camera follows him as he sneaks through alleyways, scales walls, and watches the lawyer from afar. The lawyer, unaware of the danger he’s in, carries on with his daily routine.

Throughout the video, @KHillOfficial skillful production blends seamlessly with Precyce Politix powerful lyrics, building a sense of tension and urgency that perfectly matches the action on screen.

Video Filmed: Major Green @hiremajor4491

Video Direction: Precyce Politix and Major Green

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