Spicy Rhyming Noodles EP by ullnevano x J57

They say consistency is key, but letting the work show is a step most overlook. A year ago, Baltimore emcee UllNevaNo made a post on Twitter about wanting to work with Brooklyn producer J57 (Brown Bag All Stars, Jamo Gang Five Se7en Collective), who respectively have had history in passing over the years while both parties were stacking there illustrious catalog. They both have come to finally released a collaborative EP titled SPICY RHYMING NOODLES, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. With J57 co-signing the emcees work ethic and unique style of rhyming, the two bring listeners a teaser of dope music of what is possibly next to come for these talented individuals. Featuring one guest on the project, DJ Jon Doe provides some superb cuts for the firestarter “Better than Everybody,” The EP also contains another track called “See Me When You Can” which is Neva’s version of Common’s “I Used to Love H.E.R.”, where Neva is striving to adapt to a love interest in hip hop as the music scene is changing over the years. Spicy Rhyming Noodles will be available exclusively on Bandcamp and will be released on streaming later in the month.
released July 14, 2021

Produced by J57

Recorded at Street Legal Studios in Baltimore, MD

Mixed and Mastered at MGNTK RSRCH CENTER in Norfolk, VA