Songs and Seven Blunders by Proseed Vocals recorded with the Rode NT1-A. Instrumentation crafted using Reason & M-Audio Axiom 49. Guitar by Proseed, recorded with the Shure SM58. Mastered with Major Decibel. Additional mastering by Stan van Dijk. © 2022 Derek Postlewaite Surface Level Records credits releases May 24, 2022 All songs written, produced & mixed by Proseed, except for: “Represent” co-written by Mao!Lik & Ill Advanced. “That’s the Truth” co-written by Real Deal & Reasun. “Sincerely Yours” co-written by Emcee Sick. “Pulled From the Undertow,” mixed by Stan van Dijk. “Prime Propaganda” co-written by DFRNTFRM. “What Did You Learn?” co-written by Gene Stovall.