Smoking Gun
by Deca

Deca’s streak of entrancing releases continues with Smoking Gun, an album that deftly blends psychedelic, raw production with sharp insights and clever lyricism. But it’s also much more than that. Smoking Gun is a sonic representation of an artist grappling with living in America, a country with a network of broken systems that leaves Deca questioning when and if it may turn around. The 12 track LP which marks Deca’s ninth album, is available now for pre-order both digitally as well as on vinyl in both a 180g classic black, and cobalt blue configuration, via Coalmine Records. The official digital release date is set for May 27th, with expected ship out dates for vinyl set for the week of Nov. 07. Customers will be notified if any delays are expected.
releases May 27, 2022

• All tracks produced and mixed by Deca
• Mastered by Steve Sundberg for FTM Studios, Lakewood, CO
• Album cover designed by Deca
• Album layout by Frank “DJ Concept” DeMaria
• Editorial by Andrew Martin