Smarty Mcfly Presents 1​.​21Gigawatts
by iNTeLL

I Found myself in 2017 without a studio. So I built one from nothing.
Then I Began recording myself with a homemade Microphone that consisted of an empty bandaid box, paper towel, duct tap, and Apple headphones. I Use this Mic and what I could teach myself using garage band to Record, arrange, mix and curate this project.

With samples intricately placed to enhance this cinematic audio experience. My Love of BTTF And The Concept we describe as TIME is definitely apparent with this sound body of work. I Wanted to release it the same day the film premiered, in 1985 but life got in the way and a few July’s have passed me by.

However, this July you will finally get to experience 1.21GigaWatts.
Thank you for your patience
releases July 3, 2022

Due to the extensive sampling, this project will only be available Direct to consumer via Bandcamp

Intellectual Entertainment