Skeletsleutel by Jitsvinger

Debut album released on CD in 2005 by independent music label High Voltage Entertainment.Numerous songs on this album were featured on the Hype Magazine compilation CD. A few songs featured on movies such as Four Corners (Doenit/Ballade vannie Epigoon) in 2013.
released March 14, 2005

All tracks produced by Grenville Williams except 5 & 10 by Eloise Jones aka EJ von Lyrik, 9 produced by Shaheen Ariefdien, 13 produced by Dubmasta China. Scratches done by DJ Azhul. Background vocals done by Eloise Jones. Album recorded at High Voltage Studios, Cape Town, South Africa by Grenville Williams. Photography done by Xander Ferreira. Clothes by Shukrie, Cover art and design done by Roger Williams. All copyright property JITSVINGER Entertainment 2021. For further information contact