Sittin’ Here – Pseudo Slang x Pawcut x Matt Gold

“Sittin’ Here” is a jawn acknowledging our folks who inexplicably left us here, and their presence with us when we’re creating these works, as we’re being of service via vibe conduction. In tri-dimensional fashion while building with Arvid Wu this vid naturally flowed into its Gratefulness extension as we wanted to share some more sounds and photography of our folks who we miss hella dearly, especially as we forcefully pivot back into these arts from the muck of torrid times. Sittin’ Here is a song by Pseudo Slang x Pawcut featuring Matt Gold, from the album “live from the qtine” (Cassette & Digi), purchase at these links:……

Additional photography by Creative Wanderers, and Naro.
© 2022 Baby Steps Again / WTM Video: Arvid Wuensch for Hip Hop Kiosk
A Tri-Dimensional occurrence.
In loving memory of Jaime, Sinque, Dude26, Abdu (Larry Larr), Henry, Big Bo, and all our beloved we’re missing. #PseudoSlang #pawcut #psxpaw #livefromtheqtine #ArvidWuenschMedia #HipHopKiosk #TriDimensional #CreativeWanderers #AbolishPredatorySystems #InComplianceWithNoImperialForces