Silver Spoons [Single] by Cas One

“SILVER SPOONS,” a new single from CAS ONE, produced by ALXNDRBRWN, dropped everywhere you listen to music on May 12, 2023!

Words from Cas on his new single:

“It’s been a long time since I have sat down to say something about something I’ve created in any real capacity. For a few years now, I’ve shared with you some of the changes that therapy and self-reflection have taught me to make. These changes have given me peace. Well, first they brought me a lot of turmoil. Then they gave me peace. The process has taken me to a place where I’ve felt comfortable creating again.

And so, I’m happy to announce: you are now hearing some of the fruits of that labor. We are starting with a song called “Silver Spoons,” which is really the only place fitting to begin. It’s a song that Alxndrbrwn did the score for. If you’re wondering why I say ‘score,’ and not ‘instrumental’ or ‘beat,’ you’ll understand when you hear it. It feels like he gave me a piece of something that he’s seen before. It’s a warm and nostalgic song with a feeling of distant somberness – but the good kind of somber. Just like our teen years, right?

I’m also very excited to show this artwork that Pat Jensen worked on. He’s so good at capturing the feeling behind the music. It’s always so fun to give him a concept and then see it come back better than you described it, like an idea that’s been brought to life. It really is a pleasure and a dream to work with him. There are clues all throughout the cover hinting at what the song is about, so spend some time staring at it before the song drops and unlock the secrets to the Cas-iverse.

I appreciate everyone that’s ridden with me so long. I’ve never felt more confident in a song before. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that that confidence is also a sheath for the daggers of worry…or is that the fear of expectation? It’s been a long time since I announced something, ya know? But…It is my favorite song that I’ve ever made. Because it was so natural. I’ll try to make this announcement as natural as possible as well. You’ll see. I hope we feel the same. And there’s more to come, both for this release and for the future.

released May 12, 2023

Produced by ALXNDRBRWN
Vocals by Cas One
Artwork by Pat Jensen