Sick Jacken – “White Sands” ft. CRIMEAPPLE (Official Video)

Written by Jack Gonzalez, Sabastian Vasco, Gibran Garcia
Produced by G. Bone
Video shot and edited by Kwervo @kwervofilms
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Federico “c sik” Lopez @ The Drug Lab, Los Angeles, Ca
Bass guitar by Erick “Jesus” Coomes

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Released : 04-26-2022

Music Publisher: Music Of The Mask (ASCAP)
Music Publisher: Sabastian Vasco (BMI)
Music Publisher: Soundz Of Xulture (ASCAP)

℗ 2022 Rebel Music Group

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Sick Jacken :
I ain’t really sleeping at night, man
I don’t know why I like to think I’m alright
And I ain’t on the white sand, no
I ain’t on the go with the blow or controlled by the pipe’s glam
This isn’t a regular insomnia, I’m beyond toss and turn something ain’t right and that something is what got me up
Brain activated and I ain’t even faded so it’s gotta be something that I’m blocking out
You know that the gut don’t lie, it’ll get you through a do or die
If you push it aside,
It’ll have another try,
It’ll be your lullaby won’t let you shut an eye though,
Been through it got through it that’s how I know
White rhino opposite effect of the white sand and it ain’t even albino
Usually I approach this like wino
Pop a pill or two but I’m cool with a synthetic highs though

-Woop Woop !

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a loop
The bubble in my head got me guzzling the boot
Got my tolerance through the roof kill a fifth or two

If you think that a drink’s gonna help with anything, sounds crazy
But I’m a Psycho baby,
Might be bad for the liver, 2 fucks I don’t give em
Is it stupid?
-yeah !
Man, you don’t know how I be living
Mind your business

Always knew I had to get it de cualquier manera
Now I don’t ride buseta, whip the foreign like a bicicleta
Fumando veneno on the balcony con unas hevas
Todo el mundo en pastillas en la discoteca
White gold Cuban jeweler had to tax me,
Lung gassy my bitch waxing me on the Pulaski
He sick with a sixteen like Roman Polanski
My pops was fucking with the candy, I was watching John candy
ah man he got some havarti and fucked the party up,
Guaro in my cup, bitch from guarne, sniffing molly up
Arrogant, chip on my shoulder ain’t made for cookie dough
Benjamin get sent to em frequently, better book me hoe
I cooked it slow made a guisado, culi cagado de mi lado
My OG’s used to rock movados, pero estaban robados
Yo endrogado hitting gelato in my condo
Ya Bitch on all cuatro y se lo meto en su rabo
Descarado turn Manteca into some chavo soy un mago
Lames tryna soak up my caldo pull out the palo

If you think that some smoke gonna help or we going broke y’all crazy
We going psycho baby
Might be bad for the image two fucks wasn’t
Given is you stupid
You don’t know how I be living mind ya business