Sick Jacken – A Lotus In Purgatory

Written by Jack Gonzalez
Produced by Sick Jacken
Music video directed, shot, and edited by Adrian Bio
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Federico “c sik” Lopez @ The Drug Lab, Los Angeles, Ca
Bass guitar by Erick “Jesus” Coomes

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Inconsistent inspiration ’cause I’m high in elevation
And every day that passes feel like something is escaping
Never knew what I was chasing or the things that I’d be facing
But I knew it was my duty and that God had no replacement

Thought I aced it but I didn’t and today I can admit it
Know I hit the bottom and I haven’t been right for a minute
When I spit it and I hear the words and my life is all in it
I could play it back and try to give some peace back to my spirit

Know that some of you relate it’s like a page from your life when you hear it
‘Cause I inject the lessons in the lyrics
Been around death my whole life maybe that’s why I don’t fear it
It’s the closest truth to looking at reflection in a mirror

You can’t lie looking yourself in the eye and if you do turn this off
You ain’t trying to solve nothing in your life
I don’t make excuses for nobody ’cause everyone chooses what they do
I don’t judge ’cause at some point everyone loses

But a loss when you’re lost throws you off ’cause you’re off and the cost can be high when you’re trying to figure why
And the people by your side who you confide in
Weaponize what you’ve been giving acting like they’re right there with you fighting

Go ahead and do it your way…

So many versions of me through other people’s eyes
Don’t mean that they’re telling lies
It’s just what they got when we were sharing lives
I hope they got the lesson I know I got mine
In a duality the less you know the more you’ll find

If you’re thinking you got all the answers
I put my money on the chances that we’re dealing with a closed mind
Your life is made up, I never chose mine
Our story’s written it’s non-fiction pay attention

Stem of a Lotus flower finds it’s way through darkness
Looking for the light and that’s when the flower blossoms

All you gotta do is you
If you do, everything will make sense
Second nature.
Life is good if you live it and you let it give the blessings
It gets messy when you try to live a life that isn’t made for you

Released : 03-07-2023

Music Publisher: Music Of The Mask (ASCAP)
Record Label: Rebel Music Group
Distributed by Urban Kings Music Group

℗ 2023 Rebel Music Group

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