Set The Mood by Eksale & Shin-ski

Total passion project over a year in the making.
When I first stumbled across Shin-ski in the mid 00s I was hooked.
Already well established by this point his beats were on another level and just had that something special. Back then the thought we would now be dropping this project with him seemed like a pipe dream. Yet here we are approaching 20 years later and we present some of our finest work to date.
Pairing up with Eksale the Plight Crew OG the pair found a natural flow immediately and here is a taste of what we’ve been cooking up.
We were also fortunate enough to align with the king DJ Bonez who graces two joints with cuts, and one of our personal faves Nelson Dialect on a track.
A joint made for the listeners and DJs alike, we wanted to bring that style we feel has been amiss.
We set out to drop something for heads to fuck with, and look forward to hearing what you all come up with.

Side A:

Track 1: Set The Mood
Track 2: Sunny Day feat DJ Bonez
Track 3: The Principle feat Nelson Dialect & DJ Bonez
Track 4: Run It Back
Track 5: Set The Mood (Acapella)

Side B:

Track 1: Set The Mood (instrumental)
Track 2: Sunny Day (instrumental)
Track 3: The Principle (instrumental)
Track 4: Run It Back (instrumental)
Track 5: Sunny Day (Acapella)
released January 27, 2023

Eksale is an MC hailing from the Gold Coast, QLD. He has been honing his craft since 2006, and has been dropping vinyl with Plight Crew Productions for a hot minute.
The quality and level just keep improving with each release and rest assured there is plenty more to come.