SEGUNDO by Algernon Cornelius

SEGUNDO is the second album from rapper/producer Algernon Cornelius following his 2021 debut The Miraculous Weapons of Clarkus_Dark. Recorded with Joe Clayton (Pijn, Leeched) at No Studio in Salford the album is a compact 35 minutes with guest appearances from fellow Mancunian musical iconoclasts Iceboy Violet and Valentine Caulfield (of Mandy, Indiana fame), as well as Leeds experimental rock outfit Beige Palace and artist Claudia Kensani Saviotti.

SEGUNDO is Algernon’s Blue album, a winter record. Whereas Miraculous Weapons was essentially an expansive, hectic and mercurial concept album about grief, SEGUNDO attempts to find space with muted moments amongst the noise to express the isolation, confusion and emptiness of the lockdown periods. We see the AC logo is stripped down to 2 layers, and the colour scheme of the record mostly just two tones (black and blue). The beats are more of a loop-based boom-bap affair (albeit idiosyncratically distorted through Algernon’s warped lens), with more than a few extended head-nodders in the chamber (previously a rare find in Algernon’s restless music).

Across the record loneliness and despair co-habit alongside hope and sardonic wit, as we deal with survivors guilt (…AND THE LIVING), the state of the world (PLAGUES), long-distance love (CURRY MILE) and family trauma (DECEMBER 25). As Algernon twists his double-helix of surrealist imagery with straight-to-the-point home-truths we witness the multitude of shades contained within the blues. The deeper you listen, the more you see.

Algernon Cornelius is a rapper/producer from Manchester. While a mainstay of the UK DIY scene, Algernon has played alongside Armand Hammer, Sons Of Kemet, Cakes Da Killa, Dälek, Moor Mother, NAH, Grove, Shabazz Palaces, Ho99o9, The Bug, BbyMutha and Teebs.

His production credits extend to the likes of underground rap legends such as R.A.P. Ferreira, Fatboi Sharif and Philadelphia’s Wrecking Crew, as well as having remixed tracks for bands like Pijn, Cower and Yaang.


This album is dedicated to my baby brother Nathan (the real SEGUNDO) and my whole huge family. Extra special thank yous and shout-outs to Hilary White, Joe, Dan, James, Beige Palace, Lu, Val, Claudia, all my SEGUNDO whisperers, Raz & UPA, HUP, Fat Out, Pretty Grim and Queef Qult, Mandy Indiana, The White Hotel crew, Blackhaine, Sammy & Simon, Solidarity Tapes, Do Your Best, Peer Hat, Whirldfuzzz, Owt crew for making the best fried chicken, Ash & Charlie & baby Darius, Dom & Ruth, Jag, Ella Skinner, Krav crew, Amani, CLYDE, Time Cow, Moor Mother, Otis Mensah, Handle, Bunny Hoova, Grove & EJ, Baba Yaga’s Hut, Nell & Bug, Sarah, Jazz, Fair Play, Sable Radio, Yard Act, Carmel Smickersgill, Another Country $$$$, Piglet, Birthday Girl, Straight Girl, currentmoodgirl, Nat Sharp, Ely, Shua, Iain, Nicky, Dans, Andys, Toms, Sams, Daves, Joes, Bens, Robs, Priceless Bodies, Yaang, Thank, CHUNK alumni, TCIO alumni, Clue Records, Dälek, Weird Rap, Tay, Wrecking Crew, NUKULUK, Drab Mag, Blklstrs, Jameela, Fred, Crimewave, Cold Comfort, Joel, Mike, Physics House Band, Delta Sleep, USA Nails, Comfort, Donna, Endless Hum, Lily, NikNak, Nick, R.I.P; Foggy, Niall, Jinny, Trugoy the Dove, Gangsta Boo, Pharoah Sanders
releases March 23, 2023

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joe Clayton at No Studio, Salford.
“…And The Living” and “Cloy Royster” vocals recorded at Yan’s Lab, North Yorkshire.
“Where We Are”, “Portland Gap” and “Segundo” additional vocals recorded at Yan’s Lab, North Yorkshire.

Additional vocals across the record by Andy Hughes, Carmel Smickersgill, Cat Snell,Chris Wood, Esther Routledge, Gareth Smith, Gareth Thomas, Hannah Tinker, Harry Springall, Lee Vincent, Lyn Vegas, Matthew Jagger, Max Camp, Nicola Ginsburgh, Sam Page, Tinika Macer, Ziman Leong

Cover artwork by Algernon Cornelius & El Natho
Tape design by Dan J Towns

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