SALUT ÇA RAP #Archivos by Guig’z x L’Archÿtexte x Jota Uno x Viniz x Dee Juli’One

💾 [SALUTE THAT RAP #Archivos] 💾
This special edition is completely available!

#Archivos is what? It’s files created at a moment T with music buddies, just for the pleasure to meet one weekend and make sound together.

For the 1st part I had the opportunity to receive in #Dijon : L’Archÿtexte (Clermont) & Jota Uno (Mexico), associated with local buddies Viniz Space Station and Dee Juli’one. It gives a three tracks with a nice France/Mexico color!

All the rec (audio/video) as well as the scratches and arrangements of Dee Juli’one were made during the weekend.

Behind, the quality work is assured by a real team of close friends, maxi big up to them for the endurance:
🎛 Danny BlackBones (mix mastering)
🎬 Arii Pradh (video editing)
🎨 Rich Le Her (artwork)
📲 Evergreencrew (distribution)

Good listening, mucho amor al rap

**no physical this time but stickers are available on request if you want to represent a maximum in your city**