Sakanoue by BudaMunk & ILL Conscious

With lyricism at the forefront of ILL’s repertoire and Budamunk’s obscure chops and dusty drums, Sakanoue is a project that will be pleasantly resonating with underground hip hop purists. The Baltimore lyricist has joined forces with Legendary Japanese producer, Budamunk in an effort that will satisfy the appetite of “real heads”. Though separated by approximately 6,700 miles, the sound that each possess, compliments their counterpart in a journey resembling two major forces that are continually moving parallel in space and time.
released April 20, 2023

Album Art by @artbydani7
Mixed and Mastered by Gonçalo Peixoto from Portugal
All ILL Conscious lyrics written by Lavar B. Clark – Baltimore, MD
All Production by BudaMunk – Tokyo, Japan
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