RHYME-A- & Crown – Untitled (2021)

International Collab’s (Europe, France / Corée du Sud)

RHYME-A-, 90년대 문을 열 마지막 열쇠
[Untitled], RHYME-A-‘s 4th regular album

I had no choice but to change the title of this album as [Untitled] while working on it
paru le 14 novembre 2021

Executive Producer : RHYME-A-
Produced by RHYME-A-, Crown (of Grim Reaperz)
All Songs Composed by Crown (of Grim Reaperz)
All Songs Arranged by Crown (of Grim Reaperz)
– Except 04. Darkest Night (feat. Deepflow), 05. Achilles (feat. B-gonn, DJ Tiz)
Recorded by R-EST @SoundWaveLab
– Except TAKEONE, QM, Deepflow, Basick, Huckleberry P, Son Simba, Khundi Panda & DON MARCO
Mixed & Mastered by aepmah @AFMlabSeoul
Artwork Designed by Rowdee

NBA Music (Natural Born Artist Music)., 2021.
Thanks for the support

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