by Oxydz Beats

This album is for you, hip hop lovers.

For this new album, Oxydz has twisted his approach of the genre. Throughout 16 instrumental tracks he treated himself and released the music he really loves. The result is an album that looks like nothing else. Let’s be honest, he may lose some pop fans along the way! It’s really the opposite of the current trend. It’s some kind of music made for the insiders. To really appreciate this artwork fully, I advise you to detox from everything that has been done in the last 20 years (including Rap music).

But the bet is simple for Oxydz: to deliver you a little bit of his universe, with no glitz and glitter, without limits, a shot of pure music without compromise. Just like when you redecorate your house. Except that here he did it with dynamite. The work you have in your hand here doesn’t sound like anything else… But it sounds like everything we like: Soul, Jazz, Boom Bap, Funk, a jumble of dirty samples and vinyl texture. So if it is in conformity with your requirements. Retroverse is the album that you need.

The word Retroverse is composed of several layers:

« Retro » – for the sound of the album. The tracks were made from highly chopped samples. Excerpts were recorded from old vinyls into vintage samplers such as the legendary AKAI MPC2000, S20, and ZOOM ST224. The sound is gritty, no digital post processing here.

« Universe » – Oxydz confides in us through this work. He modestly reveals a fragment of his universe. The author uses music to express himself.

« Reverse » – The music takes us into the meanderings of forgotten musical styles. A time travel through music.

« Metaverse » – We are in the decade of virtual reality. But sometimes we also need to take a deep breath of pure air. No need for 3D glasses here. A pair of headphones will do the trick.

Digital / CD Album release : 22/05/2022
Vinyl available on 22/09/2022

The vinyl LP will be available september 22th 2022. This is due to the manufacturing process which takes more time.
released May 22, 2022