Red October by Daniel Son

With a release to coincide with the K***’s coronation and almost 2 years to the day since he released Black Russian, Daniel Son is back with the second instalment in the series; Red October. This time around the project is almost entirely self-produced with only the helping hands of fellow Black Russian producers Slap Up Mill & Noz.

The product of rising living costs and record profits for the rich, this project is peppered with knockout punches and harsh truths throughout. Production aside, the features are limited to UKHH heavyweight S.Kalibre & two of the UK’s most exciting rappers of today; The Last Elect’s C.O.N-Vers & London-based Leicester artist Teeps.

Red October promises the same raw, unapologetic hostility towards wack rappers and the establishment as it’s predecessor, with 2023 attitude reminiscent of Johnny Rotten in ‘77.