Ras Kass – A SLAUGHTERHOUSE FAN (Single – 2022)

U.S.A (Los Angeles)

HRSMN finally dropped an album then Slaughterhouse breakup
always wanted all 8 – us! Preemo track and go straight nuts
and call it “The Octagon” industry shake up
a hip hop fans dream, but rudely i was waked up
we lyricists with straight lines, a shape up
it’s impossible to replace original chemical make up
most groups fall apart over ego or pay cuts
personality defects or hidden agendas
lead to division with members, now i’m beefing with my niggas – Triggered
outside opinions; my management, my bitch
got me on IG Live yell’in ‘suck my dick!’
nobody’s wrong necessarily & hate to see brothers fight when
we rarely see bottles that capture lightning
Stars not aligning but individually ya’ll shining
Erykah Badu: maybe next life time, man
took HRSMN 20 years just to get a debut
first rap supergroup but we never produced
10 years later, Slaughterhouse is the Proof
that there’s strength in numbers, Slaughterhouse is the truth
now its 2022 let it do what it do
Canibus clearly don’t give a fuck about his neighbors
dropped our debut he dropped his solo album 2 years later
Priest hates M-80, ‘Rupt loves him. ‘Bis too
Nickle at Heaven, Kurupt eating with Big Snoop
Buddens podcast got him the bag – big loot
so if there ain’t an urgency the money gone miss you
So i suggest a merger, 2 & 2 of course
open arms, open doors
no love loss, remorse
no beefing over the Pork
fuckit where’s Nino Bless – we can call it “SlaughterHorse” ! haha
paru le 21 mars 2022