“Quiérete” b​/​w “Quiérete (Voodoocuts loves you more and more mix​)​” by Mampön

Was there ever a more appropriate time to dance your way back into life? Let the 10-piece Spanish Mampön Afrobeat collective show you the way. Whether still in lockdown or released from captivity, these two versions of the same track will induce endorphins to jump around no matter world conditions.

All the essential Afrobeat ingredients are present and accounted for: seductive build-up of the main theme, stabbing horns, mad percussions, jangly guitar riffs and the hypnotic call & response vocals – in Spanish! Cultural fusion at its best. Inevitably joyful, uplifting, up tempo and dangerous for your downstairs neighbours if you’ve got wooden floors. The B side adds a disco party spin into the mix courtesy of another latino, Voodoocuts.

Be ready to find yourself shouting out “Quiérete x 8 – YA!” (“(“Love yourself now!””) even if you’ve never uttered a word of Spanish before in your life. Something tells me that they are totally knock-out live. We can only sit and await the privilege of having this Barcelona combo slap us around a bit soon.
releases June 18, 2021