Psych Major & Psych 101 – Dystopia (feat. Ras Kass) 2022

International Collab’s (Europe, Pays Bas / U.S.A)

Continuing his barrage of weekly track drops, producer Psych Major returns with “Dystopia.” Featuring cerebral West-Coast legend Ras Kass and a verse by Psych himself (under his emcee alias Psych 101) the hard-body track is a lyrical dive into the runaway future that can await us all.

Speaking on the raw/lo-fi fidelity on his verse Psych relayed “It’s been a few years since I recorded a verse so I used a hand-held mic like I was doing a live show to get that energy up. I know you can hear obvious audio differences in our verses but I like the grit.”
paru le 1 avril 2022