Production by The TroubleShooters

Recorded in a marathon session in Austin, TX. The culmination of writing/drinking sessions throughout 2022, The TroubleShooters debut album finds the pair breaking into new soundscapes while embracing their boom bap roots. ‘Production’ boasts formidable flows over instant-classic production, flaunting the traditional sound of golden age hip hop with a panache of innovation.
released March 24, 2023

Lyrics by int eighty and Mikal kHill.
Production, programming, keys, and bass guitar by Mikal kHill.
Mixed and mastered by Cecil at mono no audio (@mononoaudio).

Andy Weant: Guitar (10).
cecilnick: Additional Programming (1-12), Additional Vocals (4, 6, 12), Bass (9, 12), Guitar (12), Keys (12).
Remington Forbes: Vocals (10).
Slappy Thursday: Keys (10).
Tobotius: Wax manipulation (9).

Art direction by Cecil Decker.
Front cover photo by Marina Ciavatta.
Back cover photo by Boardy Bell.