Pizza Money
by Pseudo Intellectuals

Vinyl available through Chopped Herring Records:

Follow up to the smash hit “Only Built for Food and Drinks”

“A special shout of peace goes out to”: Tommy Quattro, Pro Celebrity Golf, Tanis, Bree, Giovanna and Max the Greek. Also our six daughters and the one son on the way, who we will probably share due to all of the socialism.
releases October 8, 2021

1. Get the Money (A Prologue)
2. Pizza Money
3. Ted Cruise f/ Third
4. Twenty Twenty Fun f/ Nelson Rivera
5. Extra Cheese (An Interlude)
6. Bolshevik or Bust
7. Give Thanks f/ Tommy Quattro
8. Low Dough (An Interlude)
9. Pedagogy of the Depressed
10. Class War
11. Mid-Market Fresh f/ Speed
12. Lost in the Sauce (An Interlude)
13. What’s New f/ Dr Ooo
14. Fall of the Broman Empire f/ The Fresh Sisters

Nick Zero (C), vocals
DJ Cutler (A), Tech 1200 and vocals
And Tone @ (A), MPC and vocals

Executive Produced by Irv Funkenstein (Actual ‘C’)

All wax by Tone and Cut
All beats by Tone, except:
– 2 by Definition
– 4 and 7 by Tommy Quattro (A)
– 10 by Freddie Marr
– 13 by Tone and Tommy Quattro
Bass on tracks A2 and B2 by Nick Gonzales, aka L. Ron Carter
Back-up vocals by MC Wren
Cover design by Nick Zero
Cover art by (Wren’s friend) MF JUNE