by Rugged Triad X Nivek B

Persistence’ is Nivek B’s Debut album under Rugged Triad Records. The project is an ambitious body of work with creative and entertaining content that will captivate the hip hop masses worldwide. Nivek gives us his signature powerful delivery and brazen bar game. His Black Seedz X Rugged Triad family are a vital part of this masterpiece. ‘Persistence’ is a soulful, sonic soundscape that embodies hip hop wholeheartedly !
released April 11, 2022

Music By Nique Deville, Be Bannah, Ancient Soundz, Isaac No Beat, Doc Terror, K Dero , Maca Beats, Hxly Smxkes, Jimmy Dukes

Featuring Lyrics from : Zagnif Nori , Ry Walker , Dre Colombian Raw,
Jay 58, GMILZ, Don Streat, Be Bannah

Mixed/Mastered Be Bannah Mark Carey, MwxAudio

Label : Rugged Triad Records
Executive Produced By Nivek B & Indigo Phoenyx

Art By Doc Terror/Kris Blade