“Paintings” ~ Nejma Nefertiti Verse

Paintings by 80 Empire and Nejma Nefertiti is getting tons of Love from the Hiphop world. From Icons like Chuck D to Djs like Dj Eclipse on Shade 45, the Empire and Nejma feel truly blessed. The visual for Paintings is a colorful canvas with explosive performances by the 3, featuring visual artist Pisano Artista and her incredible paintings, the many iconic Bushwick collective Street gallery art, and Crown Heights Brooklyn speak easy Drink Lounge. With the talents of director Fatty Soprano, 80 Empire and Nejma Nefertiti created a masterpiece
Song produced by 80 Empire
Song written and performed by 80 Empire and Nejma Nefertiti
Video directed and edited by Fatty Soprano
Special thanks to Bushwickcollective,
Artista Pisano, ComfortCrusade, and Drinklounge
Management: Novamusicgroup
Record company Gladiatorrecords

Distribution by SoulSpazm
[email protected]