Outbreaktunes Records – Step by S’Tape​(​The Qtertainement /Relased March 16th 2012​)​)

Mixtape Rap Français (Europe, Portugal)

Underground French Hip Hop Mixtape Special Independant Artist and rare and raw track from 2011-2013.
Indendant Groups,Artist,Freestyle Studio From to to Paris To Swizerland.
You will find few known underground tracks from this era but all the rest is raw and rare brings by our Hide Legends..
Credit to KMK& BimBAM Prod,El Barrio Prod,MeloProd&Wary,Popof,Quai Des Brumes,Selas, Chef Ml, Jessy Jess for Omerta Music,Sweet Ohms,Villeta Familly,Idealik,Synopsis Deep,Himuss,Le Front Ceint du Bandeau.

Mixed by Dj Qter
Outbreaktunes Records 2012
paru le 30 août 2021