Orange Wine by Okvsho

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The Duo Okvsho is one of the most promising prospects of upcoming musicians and producers from Switzerland. The two brothers grew up in the city of Zurich with influences from oldschool beatmaking and house/electronic music to the modern Jazz-Scene, Funk and Neosoul.

They started out their musical careers at a very young age in Brazilian percussion groups and, due to their Hungarian roots, they are also familiar with traditional Balkan music.

With the release of their “Traphouse Jazz EP“ in 2018 and their debut album “Kamala’s Danz“ in 2020 via Boyoom Connective, Okvsho gained the attention of a wider audience through placements in Bandcamp Weekly, NTS Radio and the very popular Spotify-Playlist “State of Jazz“.
After effortlessly transitioning from sample based bedroom beats and loop heavy productions to self composed songs, Okvsho managed to elevate their sounds even further. Through playing with local jazz-musicians, their live-band project celebrated jazz as dance music with driving rhythms.

Orange wine is made with an ancient production method for natural wines, with as little human intervention as possible and celebrates simplicity and complexity of natural processes, in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem.

The Orange Wine EP, their first release on the label record Hip Dozer, seems like a logical new step for the duo who once again, expanded their musical horizons. For this project, they get back to their roots and combine the simplicity of beat making with the playful and improvised jazz elements the duo is known for. Funkier than ever, their full EP reflects the new exotic vibes of the modern jazz scene. By adding live instrumentation, tropical drums and dancing beats, the group shows how to surf on the smooth and groovy wave of jazzy house music.
releases September 24, 2021