Oppenheimer, Da Flyy Hooligan, Maze Overlay – Light & Out (Single – 2023)

U.S.A (Oregon)

Lights Out (The 2nd Single) from the upcoming release, “Oppenheimer’s Notebook”, by Oppenheimer (of Widowmaker). Features Da Flyy Hooligan and Maze Overlay. Full album and vinyl drop 02/28/2023. This track will remain free of charge until 2/28/23.

Full Album Features:
Rome Streetz (Griselda)
Jay Royale (The Umbrella Collective)
Da Flyy Hooligan (Gourmet Deluxxx)
Maze Overlay (Calistro Records)
Grim Moses (Calistro Records)
Chuck N Lock (Big ‘ol Pimps)
Sean Strange (Nah Bro Entertainment)
D-Styles (The Beat Junkies/Invisible Skratch Piklz)

Fully Produced By: Oppenheimer
Executive Producer: Oppenheimer & Guttah Grey (Widowmaker)
Mixed by: Widowmaker
Mastered By: Michal Eprom Baj
released February 21, 2023
paru le 20 février 2023