OL’D PROP & L’AFFAIRE – /K​Ò​R D​Â​S​Â​/ (2023)

Europe, Suisse

Ol’d Prop is a live band composed of a pianist, a double bass player and a drummer. The trio has been active for more than 15 years in creating instrumental works strongly inspired by jazz, classical music and hip-hop sounds. A clever mix put in relation with the writings of the rap duo L’Affaire on the occasion of a long-term joint project phonetically entitled /KÒR DÂSÂ/
paru le 18 mars 2023

Keys: Roland Bw
Double bass: Finger Flow
Drums: Dr. Nuance
Lyrics & Vocals: Notorious Bab & L’Expert
Cuts by Eagle
Rec & Mix: Thibaud Theurillat (Tape One)
Mastering: Carsten Dämbkes
Graphic & type design by Nolan Paparelli