Often Unique by Old Mate Hamb x GhostAttacK x B.C.

This is the first single on Rah! for our latest addition, Old Mate Hamb.

Hamb is well known in Sydney, having been part of many fine acts over the years. He is an accomplished lyricist, singer and rapper, a multi-instrumentalist and visual artist. His unbridled enthusiasm and love of creating is contagious. He is a welcome addition to the Rah! fam and we’re excited for what the future holds.

For this track, he teamed up with stalwart producer, GhostAttacK, and with label mate B.C., who has a dope feature verse on the track. And as to be expected, Hamb also designed the unique cover art (see what we did there).

Lyrics by Old Mate Hamb and B.C.
Hamb also played the crackin’ lead break on the track.

Music recorded, mixed and produced by GhostAttacK at UpperLab

Mastered by the only and only Caustic Yoda at CWC Studios
released June 23, 2021