O​.​P​.​N. C​.​P​.​N. by Open Campain’

Open Campain’ is an Alliance that consists of Murdoc, Co-Drum, My Grain 5K & MyGrane McNastee.

*Founded in 1998 by Murdoc and MyGrane
both Wake Up Show 100K Battle Rap Champions and considered 2 of the most Prolific Word-Smiths to Touch a Pen.
Exceptional Wordplay, Multiple Flow-Switches, High Level Entendres, and Piercing Punchlines Riddled in Metaphors.
Open Campain’ are Replicas of themselves sent from the Future to Relay Messages through Encrypted Poetry. This Album Serves as the Blade which Scars Forever…
released January 30, 2023

Murdoc, MyGrane McNastee, My Grain 5K and Co-Drum